Human resource
Human resource
Talent Concepts of Airwren
Doing a dreamer of Airwren
Right talent is source of promoting the healthy development of enterprises, airwren is committed to creating a fair and just working environment, promoting fair competition among enterprises, promoting technological progress, promoting positive and effective implementation of culture, making full use of their overall to executing ability and effectiveness. We respected the honesty and pragmatic, innovative and responsibility, advocating style of work strictly, and execution capabilities efficiently, with "responsibility" oriented, respecting the different professions, respecting the different personalities, to provide maximum self-realization space for employees.

Our values
Airwren plays an important role in recruiting the employees,evaluating the employees,and determining compensation of employees.
Passion: optimistic, never give up;
Dedicated: professional dedication, to create advantages;
Responsibility: take responsibility; positive and efficient;
Cooperation: sharing cooperation, extraordinary achievements;
Excellence: excellent, paying attention to details, perfecting;
Honesty: integrity, magnanimous deeds, fairness and justice;
Innovation: embrace change and creative, and innovate constantly.